The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Regional Economic and Financial Forum of Telecommunications/ICTs for Africa (REFF-AFR) organized by the ITU Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT) in collaboration with the General Regulatory Authority (AGER) of Sao Tomé and Principe, will be held at the Hotel Praia Lagarto, Sao Tomé, from 2 February to 3 (morning) February 2015. This […]

Ofcom | Infrastructure Report 2014. The report provides data on the nature and coverage of the UK’s fixed broadband, mobile and Wi-Fi networks, digital television, digital radio and internet infrastructure. Alongside the Infrastructure Report, Ofcom is launching an interactive coverage map which provides a single-stop for consumers and businesses to discover the quality of the […]

Net neutrality and charging models – npt. The Internet has proven to be a unique platform for innovation and economic growth and provides unprecedented opportunities for communication between people. Very few wish to return to the era before the Internet. For this reason, authorities are working to achieve net neutrality, with a view to preserve […]

The President of UKE presents the implementation status of the Strategy for 2012-2015. Swift deployment of fixed-line and mobile broadband access, digital switchover and protection of consumers, including more than PLN 1.8 million recovered for their benefit – the President of UKE presents up-to-date effects of the Strategy implementation. In November 2012, the President of […]

Deputy President of UKE Lidia Kozłowska elected the Vice Chair of BEREC. On 5 December 2014, during the plenary meeting, BEREC Board of Regulators elected BEREC 2016 Chair and 2 Vice Chairs for 2015.

ICASA PUBLISHES THE REVISED DRAFT RADIO FREQUENCY SPECTRUM REGULATIONS – ICASA News. The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA or the Authority) hereby gives notice of publication of the Revised Draft Radio Frequency Spectrum Regulations for public and industry comments.

Press Release – Notifications: Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has today released a Consultation Paper on “Delinking of the license for networks from delivery of services by way of Virtual Network Operators (VNO)”.


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