Poland – The President of UKE presents the implementation status of the Strategy for 2012-2015

The President of UKE presents the implementation status of the Strategy for 2012-2015.

Swift deployment of fixed-line and mobile broadband access, digital switchover and protection of consumers, including more than PLN 1.8 million recovered for their benefit – the President of UKE presents up-to-date effects of the Strategy implementation.

In November 2012, the President of the Office of Electronic Communications Magdalena Gaj presented the Regulatory Strategy until 2015. A document with the assessment and summary of the implementation of the activities planned in the Strategy has been published now.

According to the Strategy the mission of the President of UKE is to provide the Polish society with access to modern telecommunications and postal services, while maintaining transparency and effective communication policy with regard to actions taken by UKE.

As part of that mission 6 strategic objectives have been formulated:

Introducing tools to stimulate telecommunications undertakings to invest in infrastructure based on modern technologies.
Stimulating growth of competition in the telecommunications market.
Strengthening the position of consumers and providing the required level of quality of service.
Increasing access to services through efficient management of spectrum.
Ensuring effective opening of the postal market to competition.
Increasing the effectiveness of UKE actions.
The Strategy assumes that the accomplishment of the objectives will be evaluated by means of measurements set for the end of 2015, unless otherwise indicated. However, this document makes an attempt at assessing the value of the measurements at the end of 2013.

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