Case study: the digital TV switchover in Tanzania

On 31 December 2012, Tanzania became the first country in mainland Sub-Saharan Africa to switch off its analogue television signal. In this case study we examine Tanzania’s approach to digital switchover (DSO).
 The case study is based around a narrative of Tanzania’s experiences. We begin by examining the size and nature of the challenge faced by Tanzania, in terms of the number of TV viewers, and how, where and when they watch TV
 We then consider the policy-led approach taken by the regulator and the government to achieve a transition to digital TV and the timelines for implementing the switchover. The activities during 2011–2012, when the digital platform was switched on and marketed to viewers, are then reviewed, including a look at costs for consumers and channel providers, and some of the non-cost challenges that arose. The final part of the narrative reviews the outcome of analogue switch-off (ASO) as it proceeded in phases during the first half of 2013.
Source: BizTech Africa 
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